TSU students became winners in four competencies of DigitalSkills

From October 9 to October 12, under the U-NOVUS forum, the qualifying stage of the Tomsk Region of the II Industry Championship in information technology DigitalSkills was held. TSU students took part in four competencies of the championship and became winners in all that competencies.

DigitalSkills is a professional skill championship held according to WorldSkills standards. Students of universities, employees of companies, and freelancers under the age of 28 can participate in it.

- Students participate in DigitalSkills to learn the level of their professional skills, and the winners have the opportunity to show their qualifications in the championship finals,- said Alexander Petelin, head of the Department of Internships and Employment. – The information about all winners and their results is sent to more than 250 large organizations of Russian and international levels. So participants have a real chance to find a good high-paying job in a large company.

In the qualifying stage of the Tomsk Region, almost 40 people have competed in six competencies: software solutions for businesses on the 1C: Enterprise 8 platform, web design and development, network and system administration, machine learning and big data, mobile application development, and blockchain technologies. TSU students participated in four of them and became winners everywhere. In common TSU students have eight prizes.

In Machine Learning and Big Data

1st place - Nikolay Tolstov (Institute of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science)

2nd place - Evgeny Perets (Institute of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science)

3rd place - Evgeny Pestov (Institute of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science)

In Software Solutions for Business on the Platform 1C: Enterprise 8

1st place - Volodya Margaryan (Faculty of Innovative Technologies)

2nd place - Akim Glushkov (Institute of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science)

3rd place - Pavel Takchinakov (Faculty of Innovative Technologies)

In Mobile Application Development

1st place Anton Ivanov (Institute of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science)

In Web Design and Development

1st place Denis Sharapov (HITs).

One of the winners is Denis Sharapov, a student of the Higher IT School (HITs). He already has participated last year in the I National Inter-University Championship Young Professionals (WorldSkills Russia) and then became the winner of the final of the Russian stage in the competence Web Design and Development.

- The competence in which I participated this time was the same as on the Wordskills, but the tasks were different,- says Denis. - They were a bit more complicated, they included new technologies that could not be used in the Worldskills Championship. But that experience was useful to me, there was more confidence because I already imagined what it will be. Participation in such competitions makes it possible to evaluate your professional level at the moment, but diplomas will not be superfluous in your portfolio when applying for a job.