TSU students have created a greenhouse capable of working in winter

Team Enactus TSU has developed a highly efficient technology of growing plants up to one meter in a new type of greenhouse capable of operating year round without a heating system. This project together with the other invention of the team, the bike alarm Bikedefend, was submitted to the superfinal of the Enactus Russia National Competition in Moscow. For the work done during the year and projects developed, the team won third place.

- On account of the Siberian climate, year-round vegetable production in the Tomsk region is a very difficult and expensive task , and only few farmers and companies do it, - said Arina Kosareva, the representative of Enactus TSU team and a student of the Faculty of Psychology. - Because our team has members from the Biological Institute, we decided to try to create a new technology that will help farmers to get high-quality crop all year round with less financial cost.

Standard industrial greenhouses installed at Russian enterprises reach a height of 4 meters. Not all cultures need such a large amount of space. By reducing the size of the greenhouse (to the height of a person), saving on heating installation inside the greenhouse, the students achieve lower costs. In this greenhouse, you can grow all the plants that reach a height of one meter (berries, herbs, pineapple, low-growing vegetables).

To implement this project in real life, the students have found investors and already have established 3 greenhouses. In August 2015 they put in strawberries and for 4 months picked 131 kg of berries from 50 square meters. In addition to strawberries, arugula and basil are grown in the new greenhouses.