TSU students joined an international flashmob in support of peace

Flashmobs during which people sing well-known songs in Russian in public places are taking place all over the world. This event is a way to show that song should bring people together. TSU students joined this action and conducted a flashmob at the Tomsk I railway station .

- Tomsk youth could not stay away, - says Daniil Krapchunov, head of the Laboratory for Social Identity. – The flashmob has several attributes, the basic one is singing songs of the Soviet period and it is desirable that these songs are from famous and favorite movies.

TSU students and staff of the Laboratory for Social Identity performed three songs at the railway station: "Oh, There, on the Hill" from the cartoon "There Once was a Dog", "Comrade Song" from the film "How the Steel Was Tempered", and "Last Train".

The first similar flashmob took place in mid-November. For a month, hundreds of cities in Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Pridnestrovie, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan joined it, and also cities in Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, and Germany where there are immigrants from the former Soviet republics.