TSU students will be trained in one of the best universities in Japan

TSU students will have internships at Tokyo Metropolitan University, considered one of the leading universities in Japan. They will participate in research projects of TMU and make presentations at an international seminar on the study of environmental changes.

- Students of the Faculty of Innovative Technologies and Faculty of Geology and Geography plus one graduate student will go on an internship visit to Japan, - said Vadim Khromykh, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Geology and Geography, who is supervising the group trip. – These students are involved in research that is largely consonant with research areas that are Tokyo Metropolitan University is actively developing.

This university has a strong centre of climatology at the Department of Geography. The centre’s staff is engaged in the study and modeling of climate change, while at the same time, there are groups working in geomorphology, soil science, forest ecosystems, and wetland landscapes. Several members of the research centre conduct research in Siberia, which is interesting to them because of Siberia’s impact on the formation of the planet’s climate. In addition, the centre has a laboratory of geographic information systems (GIS), which is developing the latest methods of computer modeling of geographic processes. This area is actively developing at Tomsk State University in the Department of Geography.

During the internship, TSU students will be able to view advanced technologies and gain new experience by taking part in projects of scientists from Japan. Along with this, they will present the results of their research.

At the international seminar, TSU geographers will present several papers devoted to the study of Siberian rivers – the Basandayka, Tom, and Selenga. Rostislav Vorobiev, student of the Faculty of Innovative Technologies, will give a lecture “Development of Remote Environmental Monitoring System Based on GPRS/GSM Technologies”. Vadim Khromykh, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Geology and Geography, will report on the study of landforms of the valley of the Tom River and other TSU geographical research.

Collaboration between the TSU and TMU is also being carried out at the level of the academic exchange of teachers. After  the students return, three TSU scientists will travel to Tokyo to give lectures.