TSU will add engineering training for Ph.D.-student physicists

The Graduate School in High Energy Physics will strengthen the education of young scientists by merging TSU with other Tomsk universities and introducing new subjects, such as grant writing, into the educational plan. Also, engineering will be added to the fundamental preparation.

The project of graduate schools was launched in Tomsk in 2020 under the Big Tomsk University project to strengthen the education of graduate students and increase the number of Ph.D. theses defended. At the same time, it was decided to change the very approach to teaching: to open up opportunities for all universities and research institutes of the city for graduate students - general courses, lectures, and access to equipment.

High energy physics studies the structure of matter and fundamental interactions at ultra-short distances and the role of these interactions in the Universe and includes experimental and theoretical studies of elementary particles created in collisions of protons and ions. At TSU, two laboratories have been created to work on the problems of the ATLAS and TOTEM-CMS experiments at CERN (Switzerland): experimental high-energy physics and data analysis of high energy physics. Every year TSU graduates leave to work at CERN, the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna, and other specialized organizations.

- TSU has strong training in high energy physics, but we are not professionally engaged, for example, in accelerator physics. These are different scientific areas, and they have a common link. Modern physicists need to understand everything: for example, if graduate students test or develop electronics for detectors, they should understand why this is being done - that is, they must have a basic understanding of particle physics, - explains Sergey Filimonov, the director of the Graduate School in High Energy Physics and dean of the TSU Faculty of Physics.

Thanks to the upgrade of postgraduate studies to postgraduate schools, it has become possible to combine the efforts of scientific and educational organizations of Tomsk in forming an educational program. Postgraduate students continue to enroll in graduate school at their universities or research institutes and conduct their topics there, but at the same time, due to their belonging to a graduate school, they study general educational blocks and receive a high-quality background in physics, regardless of their professional specialization. 

- An important goal of creating a postgraduate school is creating a community of young professionals in high energy physics in Tomsk. The graduate school is broader than just a laboratory. It includes several leaders and several graduate students, united by a common broad topic; fundamental world-class training in physics and competence in data analysis from TSU is complemented by Tomsk Polytechnic University's high-quality engineering training, - explains Sergey Filimonov.

You can learn more about admission to the Graduate School in High Energy Physics from Sergey Nikolaevich Filimonov: filimon@phys.tsu.ru