TSU will build a 16-storey dormitory with 800 places by 2020

The Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation has allocated to Tomsk State University 1.1 billion rubles for the construction of a new dormitory. Construction work will begin next year, and in 2020 a 16-storey building will be commissioned.

The University plans to build the new dormitory near the Institute of Military Education (11 F. Lytkin Ave.). The project will be done in two stages. It consists of two 12- storey and 16-storey buildings connected by tunnels. The total area of the dormitory will be 20,000 square meters; it is designed for 800 people.

- We have worked almost one and a half of year to make this project real, because it is very important for us to develop the university infrastructure in accordance with current international standards, - said Eduard Galazhinsky, TSU’s Rector. - The conditions in which our students live are one of the key issues for us.

A dormitory of the section type will be built in accordance with the new regulations. Each section will accommodate a maximum of 9 people, and no more than 2 students will live in one room. The project involves the presence of some spaces for individual and group work, a sports room, and an assembly hall for 300 people.

The design of the building will be completed this year, and construction will take place from 2017 to 2020.

- It is important that the development of the university complex is a part of the project “Innovation. Science. Education. Tomsk” and it has support at the highest level - said Eduard Galazhinsky. - This building is a significant contribution to the development of the project and the city as a whole, for creating student environment of the new quality.