TSU will exchange students with the Baltic International Academy

The Baltic International Academy (BIA) and Tomsk State University are launching an international project ERASMUS + on mobility of students and teachers between Latvia and Russia. The project involves the exchange and training of students in the partner universities for one semester, and its implementation will begin in the spring semester of academic year 2015/16.

Tomsk State University signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Baltic International Academy in 2014. Active collaboration takes place through the Department of Sports Tourism, Sports Physiology and Medical Faculty of Physical Education;  in the past, two teachers and three students from TSU visited Riga and two professors from the BIA came to Tomsk.

- From 2016, our cooperation will move to a new level thanks to the support of the ERASMUS + programme, - says Leonid Kapilevich, head of the Department. - It is assumed that each side will be represented by five people, four students and one teacher. The exchange program will include training in tourism on the bachelor’s and master’s levels.

Selection of students for participation in the program will take place on a competitive basis. Students will receive a scholarship for the training and also will be paid their roundtrip travel expenses.

- It opens new opportunities for the internationalization of our faculty, - said Leonid Kapilevich. - In addition, thanks to the financial support of ERASMUS +, not only can any student of Faculty of Physical Education take part in this project, but also students from other faculties and educational institutes of TSU, if they meet the requirements, not least among them success in academic activities.