TSU will help students start a career at the university and CERN

From July 13 to July 17, TSU will have a summer school in high energy physics, which will be conducted by a university team of participants in experiments at the CERN European Center for Nuclear Research. The school will be held in an online-intensive format: students will receive introductory knowledge in high-energy physics, data analysis, and machine learning, and they will learn about the developments of Tomsk scientists at CERN, then put the knowledge into practice.

Eight leading scientists and experts from Tomsk, Geneva, and New York will work with school participants. They will lecture on elementary particle physics, data analysis, and machine learning and will offer to complete two practical projects on TSU’s supercomputer. Ultimately, participants will get a chance to begin their career on the TSU team and become part of the global scientific community at CERN. 

- As for the practical part, we have provided projects for Geant4 and machine learning. Geant4 is a software package created at CERN to simulate the behavior of elementary particles inside a collider. With its help, even before the experiment, we can say how these or those particles will interact with the detector and what result we should get as a result, -said Maxim Penzin, a researcher at the Laboratory for High Energy Physics Data Analysis at TSU. - In machine learning, after the lecture, students will be asked to solve a simple task from CERN with given parameters.

Both the lectures and the practical classes of the school will be conducted online.

Undergraduate students, master's students, and graduate (candidate) students of natural sciences and engineering specialties are invited to participate in the school.

If you are interested in software development, electronics, modeling, and analysis of physical processes, are ready to discover new knowledge, and want to feel the spirit of “big science” and focus your professional interests, you can certainly apply for participation.

- Upon successful completion of the school, some participants will be offered a job in our laboratory. And since we are actively cooperating with CERN, it will be possible to prove ourselves there, and not just at TSU, - added Maxim Penzin.

Participation in the school is free, but registration is required.

You can write to Instagram @cern_tsu , or @eraygorodskaya in Telegram