TSU announced the vacant position of Deputy Head of Laboratory for Bio-Psycho-Social Factors of Chi...

The Laboratory is headed by Michel Boivin, expert in early childhood development, professor of the School of Psychology, University of Laval (Canada), Head of Research Unit on Children’s Psychosocial Maladjustment, Co-director of Strategic Knowledge Cluster on Early Childhood Development.

The Laboratory is made up of world scientists and young specialists from the UK, US, Canada and Russia.

The Lab’s main lines of research are the organization and conduct of research in the area of bio-psycho-social factors of childhood development, the conduct of scientific and educational events, the development of information materials on the topic of early childhood development, the testing and implementation of educational programmes for preschool and primary school children.

Requirements for applicants: higher education degree, fluency in English, administrative work experience, good computer skills, sociability.

Applicants shall submit until April 10, 2014, to the address: coglabtsu@mail.ru the following documents: 1) scanned copies of education certificates, re/training certificates if any, and any other certificates of achievement; 2) duly certified scanned copy of employment book; 3) CV both in English and Russian. Based on submitted documents selection results, applicants will be invited for interview (to be held both in Russian and in English).

For more information please send your enquiries to coglabtsu@mail.ru