In Shenyang Polytechnic University took place the seventh meeting of the Confucius Institute leaders...

On 10 June in Shenyang Polytechnic University took place the seventh meeting of Confucius Institute leadership, which was attended by TSU President George Mayer, rector adviser Alexander Revushkin, deans of philological and historical faculties Tatiana Demeshkina and Vasily Zinoviev, directors of the TSU Confucius Institute with Chinese and Russian sides Yang Fan and Irina Shvedova.

According to the Confucius Institute regulations, leadership meetings are held annually, it considered reports on the last year work and approve the work plan for the next. This meeting held alternately one year in Tomsk, another year is in Shenyang.

- It is a serious event, because this project is one of the largest in the field of promotion of Chinese language, culture and history in the world, - says Alexander Revushkin. - Now there are more than 1,000 Confucius Institutes all over the world, 17 of them are in our country. Every year we have an opportunity to compare the work of our institute with the other Confucius Institutes in Russia and abroad. And the results of our Institute are recognized as one of the best in Russia. It uses a variety of work forms – a lot of activities, introducing the Chinese culture :concerts, theme events, quizzes.

The report noted that the TSU Confucius Institute has a great significance for Chinese students studying at the university. It is like a part of a homeland for them where always ready to support and get advice.

The meeting also approved the institute plan for the next year, where, in particular, it was recommended to increase the number of Chinese students studying in TSU.

The report and plan of the Pushkin Russian Language Center were considered the same day. It set up in 2010 with Tomsk State University has been approved by China Ministry of Education as a state-level Russian Center. The most important task is to help Chinese students learning Russian language within the Bachelor program "2 +2" in the direction of "Philology" (two years of training in Shenyang Polytechnic University and two years in Tomsk State University). In addition, the Russian Language Center has a number of interesting areas related to the study of the Russian culture.

Another meeting with the China Center for International Educational Exchange leadership was hold in Beijing.

For the reference:

TSU Confucius Institute opened in 2008 as part of a cooperation agreement between the TSU and Shenyang Polytechnic University. During this time it has graduated about 1,000 students, has spent more than 70 events, 11 times organized the Chinese language qualifying examination - HSK, which was attended by more than 180 students. 73 students received the Confucius Institute scholarships.