TSU has established the Centre for Research of Siberia

The centre Science in Siberia about Siberia or The Transsiberian Scientific Way (TSSW) began this summer at Tomsk State University. Its main task is to activate research and education about Siberia.

Since its founding, Tomsk State University has been actively engaged in research on the vast territory from the Urals to the Far East. The names of the TSU professors who made great contributions to the study of the Siberian region are widely known: for example, the Tronov brothers, Vasily Sapozhnikov, Grigory Potanin, and many others.

As a result, the University has amassed a huge amount of unique material about Siberia after years of research and observations: collections of plants, minerals, and archaeological and paleontological findings, and dictionaries of local dialects. This great heritage gives Tomsk State University the right to be considered the oldest platform of studying Siberia.

The objectives of the new centre will also include organizing various events: conferences, forums, and seminars.

The main mission of the centre is the involvement of Siberia in world development and the involvement of the world in the development of Siberia. According to the organizers, the centre, on one hand, should be a single source of information resources about Siberia in different areas of science, and on the other hand, should be a platform for communication of teachers, scholars, museum professionals, administrators, and organizers of joint research by scientists.

The centre plans to conduct project competitions, which TSU scientists could take part in and which could attract leading Russian and foreign specialists. The requirements for the participants will not be so difficult. The main point is the relevance of the planned research and its importance for the development of knowledge about Siberia.