Federal Internet-Portal “The Country’s Capital” released the rankings of Russia&r...

According to a study of 162 institutions of higher education, the list of TOP-100 universities was produced on which Tomsk State University comes ninth after just seven Moscow universities including Moscow State University, Bauman Moscow State Technical University and Saint Petersburg National Research University of Information Technology, Mechanics and Optics.

At present, universities are more and more expected to earn money from their R&D. If a university succeds in doing this on a regular basis, it can be considered sought-after by the market and national economy. If not, and it is not able to offer anything to the market, it is considered “limited” turning from a university into just an ordinary school with a more complex learning programme. This approach seems to be fair to an extent, though somewhat limited as well.

This is why the team of experts, including Evgeniy Balatskiy, head of the project, Natalia Ekimova and Vladlena Sergeeva, those in charge of the project implementation, came up with the idea of producing a ranking based on Russian universities efficiency in applied research in order to see how successfully universities are in the R&D market. This study was supported by the Russian Research Foundation for the Humanities. To produce the ranking, the data of Russian Ministry of Science and Education were used.

Apart from TSU, two more universites of Tomsk turned out to be on the list, namely, TUSUR coming 22nd and TPU coming 28th.