TSU is the only university of Tomsk to have entered the TOP 10 universities of CIS countries, Georgi...

Interfax released the ranking of universities of CIS countries, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia produced on the request of the Russian Ministry of Education and Science to enhance competitiveness of higher school in those countries as well as to motivate universities to have greater information transparency.

In total, there were 407 higher education institutions selected for the ranking, the better part of them (215) being Russian.

Assessed were educational, scientific, research and international activities of universities. Furthermore, reputation assessments by the academic community and competent employers were also taken into account.

Tomsk State University has been ranked 9th in the overall ranking and 6th - among universities of Russia.

- We have entered the TOP 10 of oldest leading institutions of higher education along with Moscow and Saint Petersburg state universities, universities of Kiev, Vilnius, Tartu and the TOP 5 of classic universities. This means that TSU has once again confirmed its status of leading university capable of becoming part of the world elite in higher education, - TSU President Georgiy Mayer commented on the results.