TSU has created the Preparatory Faculty for international students

The number of Tomsk State University faculties has increased. To the existing 23, one more was added. It’s devoted to pre-university training of international students who are preparing to enter TSU.

The number of students coming to study at one of the best Russian universities is growing every year. Young people have traditionally been attracted to the study of Russian language and literature, and along with these areas, international students have shown great interest in the economic and engineering specialties. This year, TSU enrolled students from 33 foreign countries, including the UK, France, Italy, the Czech Republic, the Congo, Tanzania, and other countries.

The special faculty was created to facilitate the adaptation of the international students and help them in further training. Its main task is language training. In addition, students will have the opportunity to study other subjects, such as history or mathematics, depending on what faculty they are planning to enter.

According to the schedule, students will have six hours of lessons every day. The school year for the 50 students of the Faculty of Pre-University Training will start on October 1.

For reference

TSU has a Student Services Centre, which is designed to support international students' successful adaptation to Tomsk and TSU campus life. It is fully in charge of students from the moment of their arrival, from meeting them at the airport and resolving issues with settling to organizing cultural activities.