TSU scientific developments were presented in Geneva

Geneva (Switzerland) held the 43rd International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva. The developments by TSU that were were appreciated and awarded two gold medals.

The gold medal and diploma were awarded to:

- Network Ionosonde TOMION

Ionosonde TOMION is an industrial instrument, a high-frequency radar for monitoring and predicting the state of the Earth's ionosphere by vertical radio sounding, and it is the world's only all-digital system.

Class of invention according to the Exhibition Classification Committee: Computer Technology. Software. Electronics. Electricity.

- Digital X-ray 3D Microtomograph

X-ray 3D Microtomography allows investigating the internal structure of an object by its repeated X-ray radiographic with subsequent processing of the received images and 3D-structure recovery.

Class of invention according to the Exhibition Classification Committee: Engines, equipment, machinery, tools. Production processes. Metal industry.

For reference

Once a year, Geneva holds an event that is a fiesta for modernism and innovation. More than 700 producers and inventors arrive from more than 45 countries.

Prototypes and finished products from various technologies such as electricity, electronics, mechanics, optics, water, energy and quality of environment participate side by side with less complicated areas such as toys and home equipment that are presented in the exhibition.

The exhibits touch almost all areas surrounding the person in everyday life.