TSU scientists have developed a technology that will allow medicines for external use to act quickly

Tomsk State University has launched a new project, “Creation of universal, safe and efficient transdermal systems based on xenon”. Its author is Alexander Verkhovsky, an employee of the international laboratory Systems of Technical Vision. The new technology has a wide range of applications in medicine and cosmetology and has no foreign analogs.

- Xenon has been used in medicine for a long time, - said Alexander Verkhovsky. Researchers have found that it has no adverse reactions, unlike other anesthetic drugs. In addition, xenon is now used to treat depression, sleep disorders, and other conditions.

Xenon is a chemically inert gas with unique physical and chemical properties. The diameter of its atom is 0.4 nm. It is able to penetrate through almost all surfaces--plastics, metals, and also skin. It is known for its high solubility, particularly in oils. The chemical inertness of xenon determines its almost absolute safety for the body.

At the moment, the scientists have developed a technology of saturating liquids with xenon. It was observed that xenon enhances diffusion of other components, and of course the idea to use this advantage. Skin is a kind of barrier to the drug, and it must be overcome. With a help of xenon, external use drugs will act more quickly, and the inert gas does not destroy the skin, reduces inflammation, and improves healing.

- This development is devoted to the amplifier for effective delivery of drugs for external use. The traditional amplifier is transcutol, but the development based on xenon is 20 times more effective, - said Yuri Kistenev, TSU’s Deputy Vice-Rector for Scientific Work. - It was a technical problem to ensure xenon stability in solution because xenon is an inert gas, but at present this problem is solved. The development can be used in dermatology and cosmetology, and the main thing that it has no foreign analogs. This project has an obvious international priority.