TSU philologists have published around 300 previously unknown texts by Vasiliy Zhukovskiy

TSU philologists have published around 300 previously unknown texts by Vasiliy Zhukovskiy

Researchers of Tomsk State University studying the work of Vasiliy Andreevich Zhukovskiy have for 15 years now been publishing volumes of the Russian poet’s complete works. Over the years of study, philologists have found around 300 texts by Zhukovskiy which were previously unknown to the general public.

The publishing of the complete works of Vasiliy V. Zhukovskiy which TSU Department of Philology is currently involved in is the first endeavour undertaken to collect together the heritage of the Russian poet and translator. Working on the recent publication, researchers found in archives worldwide around 300 new texts by Zhukovskiy. The texts were included in the complete works.

There are around 15 archives of Vasiliy Zhukovskiy’ works in different cities around the world which we had to visit, - says Head of Subdepartment of Russian and Foreign Literature, Head of the project for publishing the complete works by V.A. Zhukovskiy, Alexander Yanushkevich. – In those archives we found some 300 new texts by Zhukovskiy which were included in the collected works.

By now the group of researchers has already published 14 volumes, 6 more are left to be published and they will include around 3,000 letters by Vasiliy Andreevich whereas only about 500 letters by Zhukovskiy had been known to scholars previously.

- The hardest thing left to be done is that Vasiliy Andreevich letters are often written in French and need to be translated and dated. Currently we are receiving those letters from around the world, - Alexander Yanushkevich explains. – For instance, we found Zhukovskiy’s addresses to European artists wherein he arranges to buy paintings for the Hermitage.

The publishing of the complete works of Zhukovskiy is a unique endeavour globally. As a matter of fact, such work is carried out by academic institutions, not by university scholars. The working group including editorial board members is made up of professors of Department of Philology Olga Lebedeva, Emma Zhilykova, Vitaliy Kiselyov, Irina Ayzikova, and Associate Professor Irina Poplavskaya. Chief Editor for the publication is Professor Alexander Yanushkevich.The complete works and letters of V.A. Zhukovskiy are published by one of the best Russian publishers – “Languages of Slavic Cultures” (Moscow).

For your information: in 1880, the Siberian patron of arts A.M. Seberyakov handed to TSU Research Library the major part of Vasiliy A. Zhukovskiy’ personal library including over 4,000 volumes. There were many side notes made by Zhukovskiy on the pages of those books: they were his thoughts on what he read, line-by-line translations, and excerpts of poems. In 1974, the TSU Department of Philology started studying Zhukovskiy’s library. In 1991, the group working on that was awarded the Russian State Prize. Today, it is recognized worldwide that leading researchers of Zhukovskiy’s works live in the city of Tomsk and Research Laboratory for the study and publishing of V.A. Zhukovskiy’s heritage set up at TSU Philology Department is considered to be a world centre for research of V.A. Zhukovskiy’s works.