University Maslenitsa: circle dances, pancakes, and winter fun

On March 13, University Maslenitsa, organized annually by the Sports Club and the Faculty of Physical Education, was held at the TSU Stadium. This year the Maslenitsa mystery of art project Vasiliev Evening was added to the traditional programme.

This Maslenitsa started with the city Awakening action, the mass dousing with cold water. 254 people participated in the action of the club Tomsk Walrus, so Tomsk residents have set the world record as promised. According to many residents who came to the celebration, it was one of the most memorable and exciting moments ever.

University Maslenitsa continued with sports competition between faculties of TSU. Most people warched the championship in cross-country skiing, which was attended by over 300 people. The sports part of the festival ended with TSU’s cup in rope pulling, and this year, the strongest and most persistent was the Faculty of Radiophysics.

- We awarded the winners immediately at each stage, - says Anatoly Moiseenko, Director of the Sports Club. - The competition was wonderful, the most important thing is that students were happy, and ate pancakes and pies with tea. And what is also important they did it all by themselves, and they took part in the event with a great desire and pleasure.

- This year has a few new stages, for example, throwing valenki, and it caused a lot of positive emotions. This is how the faculty unites and transfers knowledge to freshmen, - says Olga Mizyurkina, student of Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Cybernetics. – It is very pleasing that a large number of people came today. And we got lucky with the weather. Spring can be felt today, everyone is open, smiling and fun!

But the most interesting things were in the afternoon. There was a traditional Maslenitsa mystery, organized jointly with the art project Vasiliev Evening. Everyone could see authentic folk customs of farewell to winter: a huge circle dance with the old Russian songs and folk fun, like a wall-to-wall fistfighting and fisticuffs competitions, and even a comical presentation of Petrushka Theatre: a bear comedy with the participation of a goat.

The celebration ended with the burning of a scarecrow of Maslenitsa and a scarecrow of the session - to the joy of many students, so that they could say goodbye not only to cold winter, but also to problems in their studies.