For the first time in the University’s history, a Rector’s award has been given

On the eve of the Day of Russian Students a TSU Rector’s award was established. It is intended for those whose life stance, activity and creativity go along with the University’s mission that is to serve culture, science and education.

The award ceremony was held in three nomination categories: “The University’s Future”, “The University’s Pride”, and “The University’s Energy”. TSU Rector Edward Galazhinskiy awarded the laureates himself.

- It is known that the 25th of January has become a big holiday for all Russian students since 2005. And so, on this Day’s eve we celebrate those whose active attitude contributes to the good image of TSU and the development of the region, society and country: representatives of three generations of the University’s community – alumni, students and school children, our future applicants to the university, - the Rector stressed.

In the category “The University’s Pride” the teacher of physics at the school # 49 and the school “Evrika-development”, Sergey Kolpakov, was awarded. Being an alumnus of 1991of the TSU Department of Radio Physics, in 2012 he successfully defended his dissertation for the degree of Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences at the Chair of Management in Education. In 2013 he became the absolute winner of the city and region’s parts of the competition “Teacher of the Year 2013” and entered the number of five school teachers that became winners of All-Russian competition “Teacher of the Year 2013 in Russia”.

Five students specializing in “Publishing and Editing” at the Department of Philology: Alyona Galkova, Marina Golikova and Kseniya Terentyeva – all in their fifth year of study - and Cristina Reys and Alexandra Tarkhanova - in the fourth year of study at the University - got awarded in the category “The University’s Energy. The girls, with the help of lecturers from the Department of Philology and that of Journalism, developed an iPad-app on the prospects for a human settlement on Mars. Following the results of the annual All-Russian Student Olympiad in the subject area of “Publishing and Editing” (2013), this team of TSU designers was awarded the certificate for the best publishing project and came first as a team in the final standings.

In the category “The University’s Future”, the school girl of the 10th grade from TSU Lyceum Elizaveta Shtopol and the school girl of the 11th grade from Tomsk Liberal Arts Lyceum Ekaterina Zykova were awarded. Elizaveta won the first degree diploma of the International Olympiad on the basic principles of science in geography, the German, Russian and English languages. Based on the semester’s results, she is among the leaders among school children of 10th and 11th grades. Her main achievement over half a year she considers her victory in the regional part of All-Russian School Olympiad on the subject of World Art Culture and she is dreaming about her winning its final stage. Ekaterina participated in the specialized course “Philosophical Anthropology” within which she carried out a research on “The nutrition problems of a modern man” that was awarded the diploma of All-Russian Forum “Green Planet”. She is also a holder of the first degree diploma of the City Olympiad on management: “Management: from Past to Present”. She studies English, Japanese and French.

All the award winners received diplomas, souvenirs with the University’s symbols and certificates for the participation in distance-learning courses or professional training programmes at the TSU Distance Learning Institute. What courses to take up they can choose on their own.

- The establishment of the Rector’s award is an important step, - one of the winners, Sergey Kolpakov, notes. – It is not only very pleasant for anybody to be paid such attention - they go on doing their best to become the best in everything.

In addition, TSU Rector Edward Galazhinskiy presented souvenirs to TSU Lyceum Director Galina Druzhinina and Tomsk Liberal Arts Lyceum Director Sergey Aliforenko. These educational institutions have recently become laureates of the competition in the category “Best Lyceum” and entered the list of TOP 100 Schools of Russia.