Xenon cosmetics created by TSU scientists will be promoted in Korea

The innovative aleexe cosmetics, created at the TSU Laboratory of Biochemistry of Transport Systems, continues to develop its Asian market. Recently, it was presented at the InterCHARM Beauty Expo Korea 2019, Seoul (South Korea). Several international companies operating in Southeast Asia have expressed their willingness to promote these new xenon products in the Korean market. Therefore, the developers intend to conduct additional research to expand the product line.

Five years ago, scientists at the TSU Laboratory of Biochemistry of Transport Systems developed a transdermal method for delivering biologically active substances to the body using an inert gas, xenon. It is an enhancer for biologically active and medicinal substances, thereby improving the properties of ointments, creams, and gels.

The exhibition in Seoul is a good test platform, as South Korea is now one of the world leaders in the cosmetics industry.

- At the exhibition, great attention was paid to us. We not only received feedback from visitors but also returned home with new ideas and professional contacts, - says Alexander Verkhovsky, head of the TSU Laboratory of Biochemistry of Transport Systems. - We are currently negotiating with companies that have expressed their willingness to become our representatives in South Korea.

According to Alexander Verkhovsky, the attention of visitors and other participants to the products was because of its innovative component. A fundamentally new offering appears on the market quite rarely, so the use of xenon as an active component for cosmetics has aroused great interest from potential consumers, distributors, and other participants of InterCHARM Beauty Expo Korea.

- The fact that the university laboratory is behind our developments is a scientific component that first of all attracted the attention of the public, - Alexander Verkhovsky explains. - This status is rated higher than that of just a seller of brand cosmetics. Now we plan to increase the research and experimental part. We work closely with the Laboratory of Physical-Chemical Analytical Methods. This helps to determine how many active substances pass through the skin membrane and find the combination of components necessary for better permeability. Research is needed to create new products that are the most effective but at the same time safe for the consumer.

The company's plans include not only expanding the line of cosmetic products but also developing new transdermal methods for delivering drugs, for example, insulin and anesthetics.

This development of TSU biochemists is already sold in the UK, Malaysia, and Vietnam. Along with South Korea, China, Hong Kong, India, and countries of Eastern Europe are considered a new distribution region.