Research at the University follows the well-established traditions that emerged even before the University opened its doors. It was the first TSU scientists and professors who, being themselves exceptional personalities, created an atmosphere of spirituality and culture, creativity and serving science – that climate of a classic university that made it possible to set up recognized research schools, and educate people of worth and renowned scientists.


TSU is one of the leaders in Russian higher education in the field of fundamental scientific research. Among the university faculty there are 

There are 22 dissertation councils at TSU, all of them meant for postdoctoral degree studies. Annually, about 20 postdoctoral and 100 candidate (doctoral) dissertations are defended at TSU. 

Over the last years, 51 TSU scientists have become Russian Federation State Prize winners in Science and Technology, Russian Federation Government Prize winners in Science and Technology, and Russian Federation President Prize winners in Education. More than 500 grants of Russian and major international research foundations were implemented.

The University takes pride in its talented youth


Young researchers make great contributions to the University’s achievements. Over the recent years, 28 TSU students and young researchers have been awarded medals of the Russian Academy of Science, 1 has been awarded by the Russian Academy of Medical Science, over 500 received medals and certificates of the Russian Ministry of Education and Science for “The Best Student Research Paper”. 

Among TSU students and young scholars there are winners of grants and prizes of the President of the Russian Federation for the support of talented youth within the national priority project “Education”, holders of scholarships of the President and the Government of Russia, as well as of Academician B.V. Raushenbach and Academician Vernadsky, winners of grant competitions of Russian and foreign foundations (Russian Research Foundation for the Humanities, Russian Foundation for Basic Research, Vladimir Potanin Foundation, Fobos, Dynasty, etc.), and winners of all-Russian, regional and local competitions and Olympiads. The University participates in the Oxford Russia Fund scholarship program: starting from the 3d year of study, 450 students of the humanities receive scholarships of the Fund annually.