Research achievements


TSU scientists will develop effective reagents for oil production

A metal detector with unique characteristics was developed at SPhTI

TSU scientists will know how physical activity restores youthfulness

TSU is developing new alloys for the aviation and transport industries

The material for bone replacement, established in TSU, has no analogue

TSU has established the Centre for Research of Siberia

TSU scientists have developed a technology that will allow medicines for external use to act quickly

Developers of Research Institute of Biology and Biophysics have offered a new technology

TSU scientists have discovered soil and plant remains dating back more than 300 million years

TSU scientific developments were presented in Geneva

TSU chemists invented a simple and cheap test system for the detection of heavy metals in liquids

A new laser developed at TSU allows sensing the atmosphere

TSU scientists invent a safe and effective UV filter for sunscreen cosmetics

TSU scientists have created the first Russian biopolymer for craniomaxillofacial surgery