Institute of Economics and Management

Tomsk State University is the cradle of higher economic education in Siberia. Economic sciences appeared in the history of Tomsk State University in October, 1898 when the Department of Political Economy and Statistics was established within the university Faculty of Law. Since then, the economic education at Tomsk State University has a long and difficult path of development.

Students gain knowledge on a wide range of disciplines held general economic, industrial practice in banks; commercial and financial institutions, enterprises of Tomsk, Tomsk region, other regions of Russia. Training programs involve the use of modern educational technologies using innovative teaching methods  a legacy of the Faculty of Economics

The second part of the institute - former International Management Faculty has its origins in 1992, when Tomsk State University with Ohio State University (USA) in the framework of the international program Education and Business in Siberia have created a Russian-American college. It was later renamed as International College of Humanities, and on April 29, 1998 received a new name - International Management Faculty.

The third part of the Institute is the Higher School of Business. It was founded on 26 June 1991 by decision of the University’s Academic Council. Its history evolved out of three small faculties: the Faculty of Economics, Business and Management; the Faculty of Law; and the Faculty of International Relations. The Higher School of Business encompasses a wide range of Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes and offers university entrants the opportunity to get a prestigious education in different areas.

The faculty offers International Management programme in English.  It is designed to prepare students for careers in management in all types of business, firms and governmental agencies at the federal, state, and local levels.  


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