Higher School of Business

TSU’s Higher School of Business was founded on 26 June 1991 by decision of the University’s Academic Council. 

The history of the Higher School of Business evolved out of three small faculties: the Faculty of Economics, Business and Management; the Faculty of Law; and the Faculty of International Relations. In 1991, only 25 persons were admitted to them, whereas nowadays there are about 3000 students. The Higher School of Business encompasses a wide range of Bachelor’s and Master’s programs and offers university entrants the opportunity to get a prestigious education in different fields.

The modes of study are full-time, part-time (night hours), and by correspondence. There are special reduced programs and crash courses for people who already have a vocational education or higher education.






Bachelor’s degree programs 

Department Major Discipline Full-time Evening Correspondence Qualification
Department of Economics and Management

Financial Management managment - + + bachelor
Organizational Management managment - + + bachelor
Economics and Finance of Organization economics - + + bachelor
Banking and Finance economics - + + bachelor
Department of Banking Banking economics   +  +  +  bachelor
Financial Consulting + + + bachelor
Account, Analysis and Audit - + + bachelor
Department of Finance, Statistics and Entrepreneurship Analytical Economics economics + - + bachelor
Tax and Taxation - + + bachelor
Marketing management + + + bachelor
Commerce business + + + bachelor
Department of Business Law Civil Law, Criminal Law, State law law + + + bachelor

Master’s degree programs

Department Master’s program Discipline Full-time Part-time (night hours) By correspondence Qualification
Department of Economics and Management Financial economics Banking and Finance - + + Master
Department of Banking Banks and Banking Economics - + - Master
Accounting, Analysis and Audit Economics - + - Master
Department of Finance, Statistics and Entrepreneurship Finance Banking and Finance - + + Master
Tax Planning and Accounting and Control in Corporations Economics - + + Master
Marketing and Marketing Communications Management + + - Master
Department of Business Law Banking Lawyer Law - - + Master
Legal Regulation of the Business Establishment, Functioning and Security Law - - + Master

In 2013 National Research Tomsk State University won a large European project, TEMPUS. The project presupposes that TSU will guide the studies in “Strengthening of Higher Education in the Sphere of Finance in Siberia and the Far East of Russia”.

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Master of Business Administration (MBA) CENTRE

The MBA Centre was founded on 12 January 2006 as a department of the Higher School of Business. It was aimed at the development of supplementary modes of study in TSU.

There are two programs at the MBA Centre: the mainprogram is the “Master of Business Administration” and there is a specialized program “Master of Business Administration – Production Management” (since 2011).

The MBA program is aimed at the training of professional managers on the basis of strengthening and developing their previous working experience, and advanced level of acquisition of knowledge about modern business organizations. It also enhances their ability to run a business in times of temporary changes and uncertainty.

The MBA program consists of the following cycles:

Faculty members with advanced degrees, and experienced managers and specialists are involved into the learning process.

The programs are available as part-time (evening) and modular education (by correspondence).

Centre of Medical Management (CMM)

The Centre of Medical Management, founded at TSU in 2000, was an opportune response to the demands of the time. Due to interuniversity integration it carries out an innovative academic project at the crossing point of three branches of knowledge: economics, medicine and law.

More than 130 people have studied at the Centre, among them 14 PhDs and 1 Doctor of Medical Science. An alumnus of the ninth enrolment is a postgraduate student of Siberian State Medical University (SSMU), and she is going to defend her PhD thesis.

In 2013 the students of the ninth enrolment studied at the Centre of Medical Management. Their graduation ceremony was held in the Organ Hall of National Research Tomsk State University, on 2 October 2013. The diplomas in the program of occupational retraining “Economics, organization and management of medical institutions” (800 hours) were awarded to the graduates by the director of the Higher School of Business, Prof. L.S. Grinkevich. The Chairman of the State certification board of CMM, Doctor of Medical Science, Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation, the head of the Independent Non-Profit Organization “The Research Institute of Microsurgery Tomsk Scientific Center SB RAS”, Prof. of SSMU V.F. Baitinger addressed the alumni with an opening speech.

In 2013 the Centre of Medical Management developed a short-term program “Organization of Health Care Services and Assessmentof the Disability of the Population”. The workload is 150 hours.

Alongside educational activity based on its own programs, the Centre pays attention to academic research. One of the principles is to motivate students to solve applied problems in the healthcare system and demonstrate the results of their work in research papers. Solutions to problems are based on research with scientific components as an integral part. The final year dissertations defended before the State Certification Board are evidence of the efficiency of this program. There are striking examples of such papers as “Labor Management and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”, “Role of Maternity Capital in the Solution of Demographic Problems in the Russian Federation”, etc.

Centre for Corporate Learning

The Centre for Corporate Learning was founded in October 2006 as one of the departments of the Higher School of Business. It is aimed at the development of the activity of the Higher School of Business in the sphere of continuing education. It is headed by associate professor Dmitry Mikhailovich Khloptsov.

The Centre developed a flexible and integrated system of continuing education and occupational retraining for specialists of different levels. Since 2000 the Centre has realized the program of occupational training “Assessed Value of Enterprise (Business)” (800 hours) and the corresponding program of advanced training (104 hours) for practicing appraisers. According to the requirements of federal legislation of the Russian Federation, a state diploma on occupational training is an obligatory document for appraisers. 262 people completed the program over a period 13 years (2000-2013).

In 2013 the program of occupational training “Implementation of Pension Legislation of the Russian Federation: current situation, problems, tendencies” (72 hours) was launched. Thirty employees of the Tomsk Region Pension Fund Department of the Russian Federation have completed the program.

In September 2013 TSU was accredited to conduct promotional examinations for appraisers wanting to become experts of Self-Regulatory Organization of the Russian Society of Appraisers. The Centre for Corporate Learning at the Higher School of Business has been conducting the examination since October 2013.

At the end of 2013 TSU signed a cooperation agreement with the All-Russian Public Organization “Russian Society of Appraisers”. In December of 2013, the Higher School of Business opened the Department of Appraisal and Property Management (headed by D.M. Khloptsov).

Fund of special-purposes capital management (Endowment) of TSU

The Fund of Special-Purposes Capital Management of Tomsk State University was founded in 2010. In 2011 it collected 3 million rubles. Thus, in 2012 the first revenue from the special-purposes capital was collected. In the same year a Public Charitable Collection (in accordance with Federal Law 275) for the Siberian Botanical Garden (as a department of the university) was initiated. As part of the initiative, a booklet and a special ticket providing free entry to the Garden were created; the financial infrastructure was developed: in the Tomsk department of Sberbank the commission on individuals’ donations was cancelled, payment by transfer to the TSU Fund became available via ATMs; with the support of Gazprombank JSC payments can be transferred on the Internet.

In October 2013 Vladimir Potanin, a Russian businessman and sponsor, supported the idea of public charitable collections for the Siberian Botanical Garden. As part of the grant program “Special-Purpose Capitals: Strategy of Development”, he transferred 1 million rubles to the Fund in support of the Siberian Botanical Garden.

In cooperation with the Siberian Botanical Garden, the TSU Fund won a grant for social and educational projects awarded by the Administration of Tomsk Region. The realization of the project has almost been completed, thus, at the end of the year the Siberian Botanical Garden will have a new ecological path.


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