A 79-year-old TSU teacher received a master's degree with honors

The whole adult life of Eduard Libin is connected with Tomsk State University. This year, he - already an associate professor of the Faculty of Physics and Technology - graduated with a master's degree in the program Fundamental Mathematics, with excellent marks.

Eduard Libin was born in 1940 in Kazakhstan. He entered Tomsk State University in 1958, choosing the physics and technology area with specialization in aerodynamics. In 1972 he defended his dissertation. Until 2017, he worked at the Research Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, and now he is also an associate professor at the Department of Flight Dynamics of the Faculty of Physics and Engineering. His total work experience as a mechanical engineer is 50 years, his teaching experience is 26 years.

- I'm not used to just sitting at home. When I stopped working at the Research Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, I learned that I could enroll in the Master’s program. I chose fundamental mathematics because I didn’t have the best knowledge in this area. And now I studied for two years, went to all the lectures. I had only a couple of four marks, - says the master’s graduate.

He was, of course, the most senior student in the group, but he easily found a common language with young people. Despite the big difference in age, classmates just talked and helped each other in the study of new topics.

The scientific work of Eduard Libin was devoted to photogrammetry. This is a scientific and technical discipline in which the shape, size, position, and other characteristics of objects are determined using their photographic images.

- In the end, I improved my qualifications, looked younger at the same time, and again was in the role of a student. Now, when I read a lecture, I understand their problems better. Well, next I plan to write articles in scientific journals, especially because I have advanced very well in the knowledge of English. In general, I think that as long as you teach someone, you also have to constantly learn something new, emphasizes Eduard Libin.