A TSU graduate is helping international students’ adaptation

TSU graduate Elena Podaneva has authored the video project “Hello, Russia!” in which international students view various traditions of the peoples of Russia. In the first video, students from Tomsk universities tasted Avar, Russian, and Buryat dinners and Tatar and Russian German sweets. TSU students Hussein Baalbaki from Syria and Aya Natalia from Indonesia took part in the tasting event.

- Students from 93 countries study at Tomsk universities, and every year there are more applicants from abroad. “Hello, Russia” introduces international students to the traditions of the peoples of Russia and talks about their culture, - said Elena Podaneva, author and director of the project. - We want to create a get-together for international students, helping them quickly adapt to our cultural environment, and make a positive impression of the Tomsk Region and the country as a whole.

In the first video, Hussein Baalbaki and Aya Nataliya tasted national dishes of the peoples of Russia - Avar cabbage rolls, Russian pies, and Tatar chak-chak, and then shared their impressions.

- We have a dish similar to Avar cabbage rolls, but in addition to meat, we also use vegetable filling, - said Hussein Baalbaki.

Most of all, the students liked cabbage rolls and chicken giblets, which are often cooked in Russian villages.

Other international students will take part in the next editions. They will play folk games on the Russian vechorka and see household items and traditions that are new to them.