A TSU student from China got a job at Huawei headquarters

Geng Kexin, a second-year master's student at the TSU Faculty of Philology, is studying in the Russian as a Foreign Language program. In 2020, she submitted a resume to Huawei and, having successfully passed several selection stages, received an invitation to work at the head office. In one of the largest corporations in the world, Geng Kexin will be responsible for sales support and development.

Geng Kexin came from China to Tomsk four years ago. At home, she studied at Shenyang Ligong University (SLU). Since 2010, this university and TSU have had a joint educational program for a double diploma "2 + 2": the first two years of study at SLU and then two years at TSU.   

- After completing my bachelor's degree, I decided that I would continue my studies in Russia, at TSU. In my opinion, I am not the best student in the group, but I can say that I always try to become the best. In my bachelor's degree at TSU, I had A's in almost all subjects. And I love the Russian language! In my free time, I read the news in Russian and watch Russian TV serials and programs. All this helps me, - says Geng Kexin.

The selection of applicants at Huawei takes place in several stages. At the first stage, company representatives review the resume. Then comes a group interview - in a group of six to seven candidates, they are asked one question, and after a joint discussion, the group answers. Also, the company representative asks a question to each member of the group. The third stage is an individual interview, during which you talk in detail about yourself, your life, studies, and experience. The fourth stage of selection also takes place in the format of an individual interview, but there are many more questions in it, and they mainly relate to professional topics. The fifth stage is a test to identify the character traits of applicants: company representatives assess their activity, hard work, and degree of responsibility. The final stage is an oral test of English proficiency.

- My impression: there are a lot of competitors, and they are all great! At the interview, I met students from Stanford University, the University of London, and the University of Hong Kong. They are all excellent students. And I think that academic achievements are, of course, important for selection, but your life experience is more important. If you want to work for Huawei, be sure to know something about its culture and history in advance. Huawei gives everyone a chance, everyone can try to get a job there. And of course, I want to work there, - notes Geng Kexin.

Work at Huawei for a TSU student will begin only after graduation, but a contract for future employment is being drawn up now. According to its terms, Geng Kexin will first work in the company’s headquarters in China, and in the future, she will move to Russia, to develop sales in the Russian office of Huawei.