A TSU student has developed a guide to Tomsk

A student of the Faculty of Journalism, Anastasia Lenshina, has developed a resource for new students - “Let’s go for a walk” (Gyliaj) routes for Tomsk. Currently there are four routes through the sights of the city. They are accompanied by comments, photos, and a card that you can save on your phone and walk without fearing getting lost.

- I was born and lived in Tomsk, so I know the city well. And often I hear that we have no place to walk. Yes, we are not Saint Petersburg with canals and palaces, but we definitely have places to see, - said Anastasia Lenshina. - That's why I emphasized parks, city squares, and architectural monuments, adding routes with a couple of theaters and cafes.

The routes are 3-3.5 kilometers on average. Each tour reveals Tomsk from different angles and is recommended for a certain mood and format of activity. For example, there is a 45-minute sports route from Buf-Garden to the stadium Polytechnic or a leisurely inspection of the historical center from the public garden of the Heroes of the Patriotic War of 1812 to the house of the artist Shishkov.

- Of course, we need to understand that the city isn’t limited to four routes. This guide is a kind of impetus for independent study of Tomsk, - the author of the project underlines. - We give the main locations, and by studying them, the user stumbles upon other interesting places, so it has the element of a game.

The team of developers of the service also includes photographers, journalists, illustrators, and proofreaders, all of them students and graduates of TSU.

In the future, according to Anastasia Lenshina, the project has great opportunities for scaling: adding routes, creating applications, even making a series for different student cities. The future plan is searching for investors and bringing the site to a business project.

“Let’s go for a walk” (Gyliaj) was created as a graduation work n the program New Media, Photojournalism, and Media Design.