Amr about positive aspects of admission to TSU
Having made a choice once, Amr still finds new positive aspects of admission to TSU. Here you will have language practice, and ranking indicators, and a relatively inexpensive education, and additional opportunities in the form of earnings

What Amr is doing at UNIPROFI and what he didn’t like at the beginning of his work, you can find out from the interview

- Hi! Can you tell us about yourself?
- Hi! My name is Amr, I am from Egypt. That's not my first experience of entering university. In Egypt, I have already studied software engineering but in my country informatics is not really good. I left the university and tried to find it in another country.
- How did you find TSU? Why you chose it for studying?
First of all, I was searching for a good education, but not much expensive. There were options to study in Ukraine, Russia, and Malasia. I chose TSU because it has got good quality of studying and because of the price. My decision was also controlled by the language I will learn. So absolutely Russian is the second popular language after English and it will be useful to study it.
За что иностранные студенты любят ТГУ? Конечно за качественное образование и проект UNIPROFI ;), изображение №1

- How is your Russian now? Russian is a very expressive language. It is very hard to study, but I like it.
That's great :) Can you tell me about your work? I am managing a Facebook page for TSU in Arabic. My work is to make people from Egypt know more about Tomsk and its university because TSU is a really good university but in Siberia. My mission is to give people the right idea of this place and this university.
- Are there any people from Egypt interested in TSU?
A lot of people are interested to study software engineering and medicine in Russia. But for some people, it's too cold to study In Siberia.
За что иностранные студенты любят ТГУ? Конечно за качественное образование и проект UNIPROFI ;), изображение №3
-Were there any difficulties when you start working?
- It was one small thing about the papers. I was asked for lots of documents at the beginning. It wasn't easy for me.
- How long do you work?
- I guess I started in July. What can you say about Russia and the UNIPROFI project in general?
The most I like is that the city is calm, not crowded. I like this type of city. And now it's even better because I feel that there are more chances to get work in Tomsk and not just being a student here. It's great that there is this service UNIPROFI that helps all of us to find work. It gives an opportunity and adds more advantages to TSU. You can study and work together.