Chemists work on creating a new substance - the basis for medicine

TSU chemists, together with colleagues from international partner universities and institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences, are developing new technologies for the synthesis of promising functional substances and materials of a wide range of application based on organic and inorganic compounds. The materials are intended for use in pharmacology, regenerative medicine and industry. In particular, some substances can be the basis for drugs that have antifungal and anti-inflammatory effects.

One of the main tasks is the development of a chemical method and laboratory regulations for the extraction of a biologically active substance - betulin - from birch bark. Scientists will conduct a fundamental research of the restoration of its derivatives under the influence of microwave radiation and under conditions of classical organic synthesis.

New substances obtained on the basis of betulin, can have a wide range of healing properties. Under the project, researchers will evaluate the pharmacological activity of the compounds obtained and the functional characteristics of the medical materials created on their basis.

In particular, the researchers are going to test the anticancer activity of the synthesized samples on malignant cells, to study the relationship between the structure of the compounds obtained and their medicinal action.

- Another project claster is devoted to creating a technology for producing composite materials based on hydroxyapatite (the main mineral component of bone) and polymers of lactic acid with a system of open interconnected pores that are similar in properties to human bone tissue,” – says the research project manager, director of StrAU “Institute of Smart Materials and Technologies” TSU Irina Kurzina. - The mechanical characteristics of the obtained samples and their biocompatibility with “living” tissues will be studied, in particular, a pilot study is planned in vivo of osteogenesis of the rat's thighbone after installing a new material implant.

In addition to refinement of technology for the synthesis of composites, chemists will vary their functional characteristics through methods of radiation treatment of the surface of materials. The scientists of TSU will be engaged in conducting experimental research together with colleagues from the University of São Paulo and the Institute of High Current Electronics of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, with whom TSU is already working on this topic.

Additionally the interdisciplinary project initiated by the chemists of Tomsk University is carried out with the financial support of the Scientific Foundation of the TSU. n.a. Dmitriy I. Mendeleev. Chemists are planning to present the results of their work at the end of 2018.