Congratulations from the Rector on Student Day

Dear students!

Today, on Student Day, I first of all congratulate you on the fact that you have the opportunity to spend your student years at one of the best Russian universities - Tomsk State University.

On one hand, here you have freedom of choice: you can realize yourself in any direction, understand what you really like, and it's not just about your future profession, but also about creative self-expression. On the other hand, in this ocean of opportunities, you have clear guidelines, beacons that help keep to the road. These beacons are your teachers, people who are always open to dialog and ready to share all the knowledge and skills that in turn were handed them by their teachers.

Many of your teachers already consider you to be colleagues, because the level of training and the desire to achieve the best results make you, dear TSU students, full members of the academic community.

As a student, you do not just get an education that will form the basis of your future, you enter a completely new level of personal development and social responsibility. And I would like to congratulate you on the fact that in this stage of your life, you will walk surrounded by top professionals from different areas, fully immersed in the atmosphere of education, intelligence, culture, and creativity. We are trying to do everything to make you  live, study, and work  comfortably within the walls of Tomsk State University, in the heart of our city.

I congratulate you on Student Day and will meet you on January 25, near our Sail dormitory, at the University ice rink. After all, a good student manages everything: preparing for the exams and celebrating a “professional” holiday in the fresh air.

Eduard Galazhinsky,

Rector of Tomsk State University,

Doctor of Psychology, Professor