Congratulations from the Rector on Student Day

Dear students, I sincerely congratulate you on your "professional" holiday!

I have said many times that it is exactly you, the young and talented, who are the core group and the engine of our university, which aims to achieve the highest results and is confidently conquering international heights.

You, the students of TSU, are lucky because you are living in a very interesting time, and studying in the one of the best universities in Russia that is moving forward and getting better every day. Recently, we completed the first phase of our ambitious programme of modernizing the infrastructure (primarily dormitories and classrooms) and, of course, we will continue implementing it, to make our common university space more comfortable and more beautiful.

Every day TSU produces more opportunities for you to realize your potential, discover your talents, and develop your abilities, and in the near future there will be more such opportunities. Even today Leadership University, a system of services, sites and activities, is operating and constantly updating its offerings. It is ready to provide all the tools for real leaders who are ready to change for the better the university where they learn, the city where they live, and the country with which they will connect their future.

I wish you to stay just as active, purposeful, and cheerful as you have been. Go ahead, create, build your future - and the alma mater will support you.

Rector of TSU, Professor Eduard Galazhinsky