Digital assistants help TSU international students with their studies

TSU has organized a volunteer service of digital assistants to help international students with distance learning.

- Classes with our international students are now online, but not everyone could fully adapt. Therefore, digital assistants help with the organization of the educational process, - said Lidia Zhulyova, head of the TSU International Student Services Centre.

Every international student who has problems with distance education can always ask for help from a digital assistant. For example, if you need help with registration and navigation in the Moodle e-learning system and Google class, or a student has not completely figured out homework or a task for independent work.

The tasks of the digital assistant also include promptly informing the international students about changes in the schedule (for example, in the case of transferring classes by agreement with the teacher). If you have any difficulties with communication, you can ask to to be sent presentations prepared by teachers, but not yet uploaded to Moodle or Google-class.

Often the assistants are classmates of international students, so they are ready to share their brief notes of classes - with the main theses, definitions, explanations, and proper names.

If international students who are now abroad start a semester with academic debt, the digital assistant helps organize the retaking of tests and exams.

You can write to the digital assistant service