How high school students from Vietnam have studied Russian

The Summer School of Intensive Russian at TSU’s Faculty of Philology was held and 16 students from Vietnam took part. For two weeks, these high school students of Tran Phu High School (Haiphong) not only were actively taught the Russian language but also learned about Russian culture.

The summer program of intensive training for this high school took place at TSU for the third time. The training is conducted according to a program specially developed by teachers of the Faculty of Philology, who have many years of experience in teaching Russian as a foreign language and organizing international summer schools.

As part of the summer school, students not only learn Russian but also experience the city and the university. By tradition, the school combines a tight schedule of training and a rich cultural program that also meets the educational objectives of the course. For example, during a trip to the rural park Okolitsa, the high school students could admire Siberian nature and view the masterpieces of the carpenters, play on wooden spoons, listen to Russian folk songs, and learn new words during tea-drinking and pies.

- At the summer school, we told our guests about the features of teaching at the Faculty of Informatics and about the life of students of the Department of Social Communications of the Faculty of Psychology. They visited the laboratories of the Faculty of Journalism and learned about financial literacy in the Institute of Economics and Management. In addition, they went to the children's technology park Quantorium, where they took part in the intellectual competition with their peers from Tomsk. I hope they have made new friends in our city and university and will definitely return here, - said Lidiya Zhuleva, head of the Department of Social Adaptation and Support of International Students in TSU’s International Division.

According to Evgeniya Pyatovskaya, head of the International Division, eight graduates of Tran Phu have already become students at TSU. They are studying at the Faculty of Philology, the Department of International Relations of the Faculty of History, the Faculty of Journalism, and the Informatics Department of the Institute of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science.