“I am at TSU”: 30 tons of snow, snowboards, and a UDI show

On July 26-28 and July 31, the University invites everyone to the annual interactive site “I am at TSU”. From 16:00 to 20:00 in the University Grove, Tomsk residents and visitors can attend lectures on the grass, master classes, dance battles, graffiti competitions, and cross-training. Especially for the festival, more than 30 tons of snow will be brought to the University Grove for a performance by snowboarders.

The festival “I am at TSU” has been held annually for four years. This time the theme of the festival will be youth street culture.

- Especially for this, we will bring snow to the University Grove for a performance by snowboarders, - said Maria Varenik, one of the organizers, a staff member of the TSU Recruiting Department. - Snow will be mixed with special salts so that it does not melt and damage plants. It will be a wintry island in the middle of a hot day.

On July 26, business coach Valeriy Koshelev will give an open lecture, “The History of One Deception”, and Artem Matsak will give a lecture “Crossfit is Sport of the Future”. Julius Burkin and Miroslav Guzlyaev will perform a concert with songs of the Beatles in Russian, and Univer Music Festival will give a summer version of the Open Air festival of electronic dance music.

Guests will see the methodology of intuitive drawing, a show with chemistry experiments, and the cyber football championship FIFA-2017. Vyacheslav Shvedov will draw caricature cartoons.

You can play board games, learn to skateboard, or master CrossFit under the guidance of the trainers of Planka.

Everyone can put photos in Instagram with a hashtag #imattsu2017 and get free memory photos from Instabox.

On July 27 there will be an open lecture on the basics of mnemonics by Sulim Aslakhanov, the head of the language school Fast English.

Also awaiting Tomsk residents are the continuation of the music festival, dance battles, and master classes of street styles from the leading school of Tomsk dance school Skillz, and the Eco Market - a fair of souvenirs, products of artists and masters of Tomsk, and healthy food products.

In addition, the trampoline centre Jordan will start exhibition performances and master classes on trampolines and acrobatic paths.

On July 28, Daria Perevodchikova will give the lecture “New Media, Information Cocoons, and Digital Aborigines: Opportunities and Threats for the Human Being of the 21st Century”. Also there will be skateboarding instruction and more of the festival.

On July 31, guests at the University Grove will be able to hear the lecture “Computer Sports: Yesterday - Today – Tomorrow: Fairy tales, myths, and legends of e-Sport and what is it really like?” from Dmitry Shulgin, a representative of the Federation of Computer Sport of Russia in the Tomsk Region and Evgeny Maslov, an organizer of the Virtual Reality Club in 

And from 18:00 to 23:00, TSU invites you to the traditional Night of the Entrant.

- The Night of the Entrant is a certain result of the project “I am at TSU”, - says Evgeny Pavlov, head of the TSU Recruiting Department. - Two years ago we organized the Night of the Entrant for the first time in an analogy with Museum Night and Library Night to show that the University is open to everyone. Of course, we hope that at this time the entrants will bring us the originals of their documents for admission.

On July 31, the graffiti competitions, the 30 tons of snow and snowboard performances, a light 3D show, and an exclusive private concert of the UDI show group Light and Darkness also await the university. Invitations are at the admission committee of TSU.

The programme may be changed.