Information about the beginning of the year

1. Timetable

In September the timetable will consist of only remote lectures to ensure all students can join them during their arrival and cheсking-in to the TSU dormitories.
Practical studies and seminars will be added to the timetable later. They will be held in the mixed format in compliance with antiepidemic measures.
In September the PE studies will be held in the mixed format: students who are now in Tomsk will attend classes, the others will upload the fulfilled tasks to the Moodle system.
You may check the actual timetable on TSU website or download the mobile application TSU.InTime.
You may also contact the tutor from your faculty if you have any questions. You may find the list of tutors here

2. Infrastructure

The TSU infrastructure now is ready for work in any format: in-person, mixed, or remote. The university already has 35 classrooms equipped with a remote work system to hold courses at ease, when some students are taught in person and the others – remotely. Ten more such classrooms will appear in the near future.
Students that are now in Tomsk can also listen to lectures in specially equipped spaces in TSU, for example, in the Research Library halls.

 3. September 1 – Knowledge Day in Russia

On September 1 TSU organizes the online program in Russian “Hi! I am TSU” for freshmen. You may join the program at 12 p.m. (GMT+7) on TSU YouTube Channel and the VK group.

4. Moodle platform access

Within the next few days after September 1, you will receive an email with an activation code for the MOODLE electronic educational content system and your TSU.Account (What is TSU.Account?) and further instructions. Then you follow the link indicated in the letter and activate your account using the instructions received (we also attach the instructions here). After that, you are ready to work in the MOODLE system.
If you haven’t received any email, please write to If you have problems with the access, please send an email to the technical support team ( or call: +7(3822)52-94-94, +7-952-892-8488
The online course “Immersion in the university environment” in the MOODLE electronic educational content system starts on September 7. You will get access to this course via your personal account by entering the MOODLE system. You will participate in some tutorials: “Meeting with TSU”, “Working with TSU Resource Map”, “Educational Process Organization”.
If you can’t enter MOODLE, you should contact the technical support team via email ( or phone (+7(3822)52-94-94, +7-952-892-8488)

5. Plan your arrival in Tomsk in 2021 

Students from countries with a visa regime, who are going to study at TSU, crossing the state border of the Russian Federation, must fill in the form here no later than 4 days before their arrival. Please state all your arrival details carefully.
If you want our team to meet you at the airport or at the train station in Tomsk or Novosibirsk, you should necessarily fill in the form. Please don’t forget to fill in all the fields there.
If you don’t need our transfer service from the airport or the train station (you prefer to get to the dormitory by yourself), you should necessarily inform us about your arrival in advance by sending a mail to This form helps you to get a room in the dormitory outside working hours (in the evening, on holidays and weekends). If you don’t fill in this form, you will get a room only during working hours (Mon-Fri, from 9.00 to 18.00).
Here you can find the guidebook with more useful information to prepare for your life in Tomsk.

6. Online communications with TSU

Even if you are in your home country, you can participate in university life and communicate with other students. Please join TSU Speaking Clubs:
  1. Russian Speaking Club.
  2. English, German, French and Spanish Speaking Clubs.
We also invite you to join our groups in social media where you can find a lot of useful information, get answers to your questions, and communicate with TSU volunteers:

ATTENTION: Please don’t forget about the border crossing rules, you may find them on TSU website in English and Chinese.
Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, please, be very attentive while planning your trip to Russia.
If you have to take connecting flights (so you will cross borders of different countries during your flight), the country from which you will arrive in a Russian city must be open for international visitors by the date of your arrival. The list of countries that have lifted borders with the Russian Federation can be found here.