Information for TSU students planning to return to Russia

Dear students!

Don’t panic and follow the directions below! 

Please fill in the form so that we can promptly process the details of your entry into the territory of the Russian Federation and the city of Tomsk.

Currently, by the Directive of the Government of the Russian Federation dated March 16, 2020, No. 635-r "On temporarily restricting the entry of foreign citizens and stateless persons into the Russian Federation and the temporary suspension of issuance of visas and invitations”, citizens of the countries listed below and persons holding a residence permit or another document confirming the right for permanent residence in these states ARE ALLOWED to enter the Russian Federation THROUGH AIRPORTS OF ENTRY across the state border of the Russian Federation:

- the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

- the United Republic of Tanzania 

- the Republic of Turkey 

- the Swiss Confederation

- the Arab Republic of Egypt 

- the Republic of Maldives

- the United Arab Emirates

- the Republic of Kazakhstan 

- the Kyrgyz Republic 

- the Republic of Korea

- the Republic of Cuba 

- the Republic of Serbia 

- Japan

- the Republic of Seychelles 

- the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia 

- the Socialist Republic of Vietnam 

- the Republic of India 

- the State of Qatar 

- the Republic of Finland 

- the Republic of Azerbaijan 

- the Republic of Armenia 

- the Hellenic Republic (Greece)

- the Republic of Singapore