Intellectual robots from Siberia will “live” in China

Scientists of Tomsk State University will supply several robotic complexes to China. Two of them are for training and environmental monitoring, and another will be used by industrialists in China to control the quality of production processes. The customer for the robotic complexes is one of the largest scientific and technical parks - TusPark (Shenyang).

- This is one of the results of the Tomsk delegation’s working visit to China, says the head of the delegation, Professor Vladimir Syryamkin. - They are very interested in creating innovative technologies, so during the visit, we signed an agreement on collaboration between the Association of Innovative Enterprises of Tomsk and Tomsk Oblast and TusPark. We have already reached an agreement to supply the Technopark with a series of robots equipped with intelligent systems and agreed on technical requirements for them; at present, there is a discussion of the number of robotic complexes to be produced by TSU scientists for China.

Along with this, during the trip, it was signed an agreement on collaboration between the Association of Innovative Enterprises of Tomsk and Tomsk Oblast and the Union of Environmental Protection Enterprises (China). According to Vladimir Syryamkin, the head of the Association, the interaction will be aimed at developing devices and technologies designed to restore and protect the environment. This includes creating new ways to clean polluted air, water, and soil, inventing efficient technologies for the extraction of natural resources, developing alternative energy sources, and creating other technologies.

- For China, which is currently experiencing a rapid development of various industries, first of all, industry, the issue of solving environmental problems is very urgent, - said Vladimir Syryamkin. - The level of pollution in the air, rivers, and cities in China is one of the highest in the world, and therefore about 1000 enterprises have united in the Union, with which we will now closely interact.

The expansion of collaboration with one of the most dynamically developing regions of China was recently discussed at the meeting of the Rector of TSU with the delegation of Liaoning Province. Eduard Galazhinsky and head of the delegation Liu Zhankui agreed to hold a meeting that will be attended by leading scientists and representatives of companies in the Tomsk Region and Liaoning Province. The result should be new working contacts and joint projects.