International scientists are ready to work at TSU

This year Tomsk State University for the first time announced a competition for the position of visiting professor on the international platform Science Careers. This is the most popular platform for job search among the global scientific community, with vacancies posted not only in universities of Europe and America, but also Asia, Australia, the Middle East and other regions. The contest is still going on, but this month 800 people viewed the open position, 86 responded to it, and 15 scientists are ready to come to TSU at the end of this year or at the beginning of 2016.

Under the terms of the competition, candidates must spend from two weeks to four months at TSU, and they have the opportunity to come several times. Applicants are invited to express themselves in the research and teaching activities at TSU, and should join the work of one of the research groups of the University. The work of a visiting professor may also include a special course or seminar for students or teachers.

7 - The active response to our open position suggests that our university is visible in the international space, and is taken seriously there - emphasizes Lyudmila Borilo, the scientific secretary of the Scientific Department of TSU. - There are some candidates who immediately define scientific groups and research which they would like to join, but there are those we help in the search. In addition, our research groups offer positions for international partners with whom they have worked before. This suggests that the collaboration does not end after the grant or project, and our scientists are striving to maintain contacts with international colleagues.

Among the candidates there are many scientists from the universities with a high rating and good name, such as the University of Birmingham (UK), University of Rome La Sapienza (Italy), and Vanderbilt University (USA). In addition, scientists from the universities of Iran and India were the most numerous.

- It should be emphasized that one of the most popular fields in which international scientists want to work with us is medicine and the science of humans and life. This is a global trend now, - said Lyudmila Borilo. - The next in popularity is physics, because TSU has very strong scientific schools in this field, and they are known in the world. The third is materials and technologies.

Acceptance of applications for the competition will last until 10 November. It is expected that the first visiting professors will come to TSU at the end of this year.