TSU international students have received the Governor's scholarships

TSU’s international students for the first time became the winners of the competition for the scholarship of the Governor of the Tomsk Region. Among the fellows are graduate students of the Faculty of Philology: Li Thun and Gou Shanshan from China and Elizabeth Stark from Germany.

The Governor’s scholarship is intended for students with excellent academic progress, advances in scientific, creative activities, and in the implementation of social projects

Li Thun and Gou Shanshan, student from China under Galina Starikova, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Philology are helping other international students of TSU to study the Russian language using the paintings of Russian artists. Usually movies or songs are used to study Russian as a foreign language. But students of TSU believe that studying with painting can be no less effective. The result will be the creation of the first textbook on teaching Russian as a foreign language using art as a didactic material.

Elizabeth Stark from Germany under Svetlana Faschanova Associate Professor at the Faculty of Philology is developing methods of teaching the Russian language by listening to radio programmes: it helps to adapt to the features of speech, learn the correct accent and intonation. In addition, as a volunteer, Elizabeth helps other international students get comfortable in Tomsk and the university campus.

In 2016, students from 37 countries have submitted documents to TSU. For the first time, entrants from Jordan, Ghana, and Antigua and Barbuda have enrolled at TSU. Applicants from Asia (China, Laos, Indonesia, Mongolia, India, Bangladesh, and others) and Europe (Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and others) have traditionally had a high interest in our university. For the second year in a row, graduates from Arab countries such as Iraq are choosing TSU. In addition, citizens of Nigeria, Pakistan, Cameroon, Zimbabwe, and Bulgaria have decided to study at one of the prestigious universities in Russia.