New TSU sports bar will offer only healthful food

Today, the Sports Bar was opened at the House of Sports of Tomsk State University. The university leadership made this gift to students and teachers for the new school year.

Last year, an updated program of familiarizing staff and students with a healthy lifestyle was launched at TSU. One of its points is a change in the organization of nutrition. In February of this year, dining room № 5 Bell Pepper was opened in the student dormitory Sail (Parus). It offers tasty and healthful food. The Sports Bar has become another of its branches on campus.

- Today we are opening a small food area, but it is a significant event for the sports building - said Eduard Galazhinsky, Rector of TSU, at the opening. A lot of people come here and of course they should be able to have a snack and relax after a workout. Therefore I am pleased that, despite the lack of space, this problem was solved. Improving the quality of food at the University is a priority for us.

According to Dharmesh Birl, manager of Bell Pepper, the food in the Sports Bar will be supplied from the kitchen located in the dormitory Sail, throughout the day. Salads, three hot dishes, pies and sandwiches, coffee, fruit drinks, fresh carrots, and more will be on the menu. The organizers promise that everything will be tasty and healthful. You can grab a snack at the bar or just take the food out. Also, there is a large TV at the disposal of visitors.

The Sports Bar will be open from 10:00 to 21:00 seven days a week, starting on Monday, 5 September.