Roberto Cazzolla Gatti, TSU Associate Professor from Italy, arrived in Tomsk to get acquainted with ...

Today Roberto Cazzolla Gatti, an expert on biodiversity and the environment, is working in the Centre of Studies of Biota, Climate and Landscapes BioСlimLand andis  ready to lead the students of TSU’s Biological Institute courses on their profile. But the Roberto’s biography is full of unexpected twists and rich in interesting journeys.

- My interest in science awakened when in my early years I was actively involved in the activities of environmental organizations such as the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Greenpeace - says Roberto. - I have always been convinced that this activity requires a solid scientific basis. Therefore, I became a researcher. My undergraduate studying has been devoted to marine resources, and my Ph.D. to the ecology of tropical forests. Later I studied a variety of ecosystems and the close relationship between environmental protection and international politics, and was attracted to anthropology. I worked not only in Italy but also in Serbia, Indonesia, India, and Africa. I tried to learn the basic ecological models and strategies for the survival of species, to understand how they interact and adapt to changing environmental conditions.

In Siberia, Roberto has met with northern ecosystems for the first time, so he is still thinking about the subject he will study here. However, he enthusiastically said that Tomsk and Western Siberia are represent for him a great world of opportunities and a chance to gain new experience and knowledge.

-In terms of vulnerability to global climate change, Western Siberia is one of the most important places on the planet. This sensitivity makes the region a real laboratory, in which research can be a major contribution to the study of our planet and can change the future of our world.

By the way, Roberto not only is fascinated by the research, but also is a professional photographer and director. On his website (, he lays out stories about the wildlife, the people living on different continents, in the ongoing scientific research. There you can get acquainted with the books Roberto Cazzolla Gatti released as a photographer and scientist: there are several guidebooks, a book on biodiversity, three books with pictures from India, Indonesia, and Australia, and even the novel-essay "The Paradox of Civilization" about the wildlife and humans in Africa. For several years he has worked with an Italian newspaper as a journalist, and now continues to write articles on scientific topics and columns with an environmental focus in Italian magazines. Roberto also founded and edits the scientific collection Economology Journal.

- I liked the idea of combining research with teaching because I am convinced that the acquired knowledge should be shared. And this, incidentally, is the one of the important reasons why I chose Tomsk State University, as an opportunity to work with students, - says Roberto Cazzolla Gatti.

Under the contract, Roberto will be in Tomsk for three years.  "If I get used to the weather", - he laughs. While the Italian had no chance to get acquainted with the harsh Siberian winter, the spring snow and winds are encouraging for the scholar and traveler.

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Now TSU’s Research Centre of Biota, Climate and Landscape has two graduate students from Poland - Malgorzata Kohanska and Franciszek Idzhkovski. Attracting and developing talented young scientists from Russia and other countries is one of the most important tasks of the interdisciplinary cluster BioClimLand.

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