Scientists have isolated a phytocomplex with an anesthetizing effect

Employees of the TSU Laboratory of Phytochemistry and the Research Institute of Pharmacology and Regenerative Medicine named for ED Goldberg investigated the properties of a complex of flavonoids isolated from the aerial part of the perennial plant fireballs. The results obtained showed that this complex of biologically active substances possesses a stable anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, comparable to that of diclofenac sodium.

- A plant from which a complex of substances has been isolated is listed in the Red Book of the Tomsk Region. Tatiana Sviridova, a scientist at the Laboratory for Introduction of Medicinal Plants, developed the technology for growing lychnis. After examining the biological and chemical parameters of samples from the ten regions, the best ones were selected from Belarus, Tomsk, and Sverdlovsk regions. This allowed us to grow lychnis chalcedonica with a high content of biologically active substances, says Larisa Zibareva, head of the Laboratory of Phytochemistry.

The data was obtained by pharmacologists by experimental studies in laboratory animals - mice and rats. In different models, it was confirmed that the use of lychnis flavonoids suppresses inflammatory processes and quickly reduces pain.

- The results of the research showed that this group of biologically active substances can be used to create new drugs that can provide long-lasting analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects that are in no way inferior to synthetic drugs, says Larisa Zibareva. Moreover, such drugs will have important advantages: gentleness of action and the absence of numerous side effects exhibited by synthetic drugs in the modern pharmaceutical market.