Scientists of TSU Biological Institute will present in Bavaria project

On October 8-9 at the Freising-Weihenstephan campus of Technical University of Munich (Germany) will be the V Russian-German Working Group Meeting on Forestry. It will be attended by Danil Vorobyov, director of the Biological Institute of TSU, and Alexey Myasnikov, assistant at the Department of Forestry and Landscape Construction of the Biological Institute.

Employees of TSU’s Biological Institute will present a number of projects, including: Forestry education and forest management (in collaboration with Ohio State University), The monitoring and maintenance of the equilibrium forest systems on the basis of resource-saving technologies, The effects of anthropogenic influences and their impact on recovery of pine formations, and others.

During the working visit, the Russian delegation will have the opportunity to see the system of timber harvesting for bioenergy purposes. The German side will demonstrate the work of the device for dry distillation of wood at an enterprise that is engaged in the development of innovative and economically attractive technologies in renewable energy based on the use of wood.