Singapore students came to TSU in the winter to learn Russian

Nanyang Technological University students came to TSU for the fourth time for intensive Russian language learning at the Faculty of Philology. This time they visited Siberia in the winter and studied the Russian language and culture for three weeks.

Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) is a world-leading university, ranked 11th in the QS World University Rankings. In 2016, a memorandum of understanding between TSU and Nanyang Technological University was concluded, and this winter the fourth intensive Russian language school was held in Tomsk.

- The goal of such schools is the development of mutual academic mobility and long-term partnerships so that students and staff can go on internships, study in the master’s programs, and launch joint research projects. And the first step towards this is winter and summer schools, where university representatives get to know each other and find out possible areas of collaboration, - says Lidia Zhulyova, head of the TSU International Student Services Centre.

- The Russian language is difficult but interesting. Most of all I liked the topic “Gender of Nouns” because in English there is no such category, so I wonder why some items are feminine and others are masculine, - Natasha Do Ramesh shared her impressions. - The teachers are very friendly, they always helped.

TSU teachers are convinced that the language should be studied in parallel with culture, so students also visited the museums of Tomsk and TSU, Cossack Ostrog, the Botanical Garden, and the TSU Research Library, and went to the December Evenings concert of the Institute of Arts and Culture. Students liked the workshops on painting nesting dolls, Russian dance, and folk costumes.

Since 2016, students from Singapore came to the Aktru Summer School twice. They studied the unique natural area of the Altai Mountains, and the lifestyle and adaptation of the population in a rapidly changing climate.