Spouses from Algeria defended their PhD theses

Salah Arrous and Imene Boudebouz, spouses from Algeria, defended their dissertations in chemistry for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD TSU) on the same day. In both cases, members of the Dissertation Council noted a good level of research and voted to award a degree.

In the postgraduate course of the Faculty of Chemistry, Imene Boudebouz studied glycoluril derivatives, which are used in pharmaceutical production, biochemistry, agriculture, clinical and experimental medicine, and as intermediate products for detergent synthesis. She synthesized and researched a new glycoluril derivative and developed several more efficient methods for synthesizing already known compounds.

Salah Arrous studied new reactions of some alcohols using glycoluril-based reagents. During his study in the postgraduate course of the Faculty of Chemistry, he was able to synthesize from birch bark the substance betulin diformate, which is used in the treatment of chronic and acute liver diseases and in the prevention of acute viral infections. The young scientist has patented this method.

In both cases, the opponents agreed that the work is relevant and has great practical significance.

- Since the PhD TSU degree was established under the TSU Competitiveness Improvement Program, there have been many who want to defend PhD dissertations, especially many requests and calls from the former CIS countries. We have to refuse many of them because the award of this degree involves conducting scientific research and preparing a dissertation in a foreign language during the period of study at the TSU postgraduate school. Graduate students from the countries of the far abroad are already purposefully entering our PhD programs, - said Tatyana Kasatkina, head of the TSU Postgraduate Department. - The recognition and prestige of a PhD TSU degree abroad is confirmed by the fact that our graduate Arul Prasath Kolandasamy has been invited to work simultaneously in the Science and Technology Center at the Bharat Forge Consortium in India and at the University of Southampton (UK) in the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences.

To date, there are 11 postgraduate programs in English at TSU, where students from Iraq, Rwanda, Vietnam, and China are studying and writing their PhD dissertations.

In 2018, the university held the first thesis defense for a PhD TSU degree, in historical sciences. The candidate was a graduate of the Faculty of Historical and Political Studies, Supreet Singh Sethi, a young scholar from India. He presented “The Significance of India in the US Pivot to Asia”. In 2019, Arul Prasath Kolandasamy, a radiophysicist from India, defended his thesis on imaging objects using radio and ultrasonic waves..

The information and regulatory local acts on obtaining the TSU PhD degree are located on the official website of the Department of Postgraduate Study of the Educational Department.