The dean of the Faculty of Journalism became the head of SND Russia
Ilya Myasnikov, the dean of the TSU Faculty of Journalism has been appointed the new director of the Russian branch of the Society for News Design Russia (SNDR). This will help to teach students in accordance with the international standards of the profession.

- The main task of society is to help people who work with news and stories to be both journalists and designers, regardless of the type or geography of the publication where they work. Communication with professionals is the best option to achieve excellence in this area. By the way, we use this approach in studying students at the TSU Faculty of Journalism, - says Ilya Myasnikov.

The Russian branch of SND has created Dmitry Surnin, a graduate of the TSU Faculty of Journalism. He was the first in Tomsk to start developing ideas for news design in the mid-90s. The newspaper Tomsk Week, which he was doing at the time, was recognized by SND experts as one of the best in the world. This was the beginning of a powerful Tomsk school of modeling and press design, which first focused on paper publications, and later on tablet and online publications, web resources.

- Tomsk has become a city on which designers of the country and the world look with great interest. In recent years, several publications have received SND recognition: these are the student projects Inner Estonia and City Birds, and also City Newspaper, which was created by students and teachers of the TSU Faculty of Journalism, - says Ilya Myasnikov.

The plans of the new SNDR director are to connect students to professional communication, encourage them to participate in community events, learn from best practices, and communicate with experts. Ilya Myasnikov is convinced that staking on the younger generation will help the Russian community of news designers to unite, summarize, and transmit the experience they already have.

The mission of the Society for News Design is to facilitate communication and development of visual journalism specialists from around the world.
The Society promotes the exchange of experience and the development of skills and new knowledge, maintains high ethical standards of the profession, encourages critical speeches and discussions in the industry, educates and unites journalists.