The results of the new RUR ranking

Round University Ranking (RUR) has presented its global ranking of universities, in which Tomsk State University is included in the Golden League of the strongest universities. Compared with last year, TSU improved its position by 39 points, taking 139th place. In the overall ranking of Russian universities, it takes 3rd place, after Moscow State University and National Research Nuclear University MEPhI. TSU is in 2nd place among Russian universities in “quality of teaching”, “quality of scientific research” and “level of internationalization”.

Other Tomsk universities were included in the RUR world ranking: TPU (419), TUSUR (653), SSMU (708), and TSUAB (740).

The overall ranking score is composed of four integrated indicators.

Among the strongest universities in the world, TSU ranks 63rd in quality of teaching, one of the most significant criteria for this ranking. For the past 5 years, the university has been improving its position in the Premier-Diamond League on this indicator.

- According to the second significant indicator of the RUR ranking, Research Ranking, the university improved its position by 75 places, having risen from 376th place to 301st. This was achieved by increasing the number and quality of publications and citations of them, says Irina Zholobova, director of TSU Information and Analytical Center. - Every year, according to the assessment of the world academic community, the academic reputation of the university is growing: over 5 years, the World Research Reputation indicator has improved from 363rd to 233rd.

The number of international students is steadily growing at Tomsk State University, thereby improving the comprehensive indicator of internationalization (International Diversity Ranking): here the university has risen from 140th position to 126th. The university’s income also increased, which was reflected in the positions in the Financial Sustainability Ranking category: TSU moved from 410th place to 358th.

TSU notes that high positions in the ranking are provided by the positive effect of the university’s participation in Project 5–100 and the key educational strategies of TSU as a classical university. The university focuses on strong teaching staff and systematic implementation of new technologies, including online. In addition, the university is currently reengineering the educational process through the testing of new models in pilot units: Faculty of Historical and Political Studies, Higher School of Journalism, and Higher IT School (HITs).