The Siberian Botanical Garden is organizing new excursions

The employees of the Siberian Botanical Garden will conduct summer excursions along the Ecological Path. The large-scale exposition “In the Reserve Park”, organized in 2012, includes collections of rare, medicinal, dangerous, and other plants. The experts of the Laboratory of Rare Plants and the Laboratory of Floriculture [OU1]will familiarize visitors with green exhibits and answer visitors’ questions.

The Ecological Path was conceived as a large blooming project in the open air, - says Aleksei Prokopyev, head of the Laboratory of Rare Plants. - Here our guests can see the rare plants listed in the Red Books. They serve as a reminder of the need for careful treatment of nature, because people have a very strong effect on the environment.

Другая, не менее интересная коллекция посвящена лекарственным травам. Один из наиболее заметных экспонатов альфредия поникшая. В народе ее называют атаман-трава. Это мощное многолетнее травянистое растение достигает высотой 2,5-3 метров. Ареал его обитания охватывает горы Сибири и Средней Азии. В медицине используется как болеутоляющее и тонизирующее средство.

Another, no less interesting, collection is devoted to medicinal herbs. One of the most notable exhibits is Alfredia cernua. People call it ataman grass. This powerful perennial herb reaches a height of 2.5 to 3 meters, and its habitat covers the mountains of Siberia and Central Asia. In medicine, it is used as an analgesic and tonic.

Among the exhibits of the Ecological Path are dangerous plants that are found in the Tomsk Region: Lobel's Chieftain, Wolfberry, Fragile Buckthorn, Crow's Eye, Aconitum Volubile, Kitagawa Nightshade, and other representatives of Siberian flora.

We must know poisonous representatives of our flora, as some of them can be confused with harmless plants, - says Alexei Prokopiev. On the Ecological Path, tour guides will explain which plants these are and why they should not be touched. In the park, excursionists can also see various representatives of the mushroom kingdom - a special form of life that is recognized by plants and animals.

According to the scientist, in 2017 the Ecological Path will be replenished with a new collection of ferns. In addition, working with entomologists, an exposition of insect pollinators will be created.