TSU exercise system will help those who study or work while sitting

Instructors at the TSU Faculty of Physical Education have developed a set of exercises for those who spend most of the day in a sitting position. This applies to teachers and students who are now forced to spend a lot of time at the computer because of distance learning. The exercises are suitable for everyone.

- Long hours at the computer can lead not only to deterioration of vision but also to problems with the spine if you sit in the wrong posture. Unfortunately, the daily schedule of many people does not allow them to devote much time to sports - and sets designed for 15-20 minutes can become the only salvation of health, - the developers explain.

The exercises proposed by the TSU Faculty of Physical Education staff are suitable for everyone: they are easy to perform even for those who have not played sports since physical education training at the university.

The exercise complexes are aimed at warming up joints, improving blood circulation, and toning muscles. They include 3 parts: joint warm-up, the main part, and the final part - relaxing. Joint warm-up is needed to warm up the muscles before the main part, and anyone can do it, regardless of their level of physical fitness.

The main part consists of four strength-oriented exercises. Since physical activity is increased here, the authors distributed it according to difficulty levels from 1 to 3, where 1 is the lightest level, 3 is the most difficult.

The relaxation part is in the form of a slight stretch, to consolidate the result of the strength exercises and allow the warmed up muscles to tune in to rest.

- One of the advantages of our work-out is the ability to warm up in any room. It can be performed not only in the gym or at home, but also in the workplace. We can say that it must be performed during the working day, - the Faculty of Physical Education teachers explain.